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Seasoned Legal Representation in Complex Immigration Cases from an Experienced Immigration Attorney

America has always been a “melting pot,” where immigrants from other countries could come to the land of the free and make it their permanent home. Having a diverse, enriched culture in America is a good thing in many ways, and helps to strengthen the education and economy of the United States. However, immigration laws are strict and attempting to immigrate into the United States improperly can lead to serious consequences, including deportation. It is important that you follow all applicable immigration laws if you want to make America your home.


In some cases, the U.S. may be able to offer protection, or asylum, to immigrants who are fleeing persecution in their home countries. The burden of proof on the immigrant is high, and persecution must be clearly proven in order to receive asylum in America.

Employment Visas

A foreigner must be authorized in the United States in order to legally work in the United States temporarily. There are many different types of employment visas and each one differs based on the needs of the employee or his or her employer. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you determine which employment visa is right for you.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of the United States is a difficult process that must be handled carefully. You must apply to become naturalized in order to stay in America as long as you like, and often these applications are denied. It is critical that if you wish to become a permanent resident of the U.S. that you work with an experienced immigration attorney to increase the chances that your application will be approved.

Deportation Defense

In some cases, even legal immigrants are threatened with deportation to their home countries. At Zayyad Law Offices, we offer zealous deportation defense to immigrants who are put into Deportation and Removal Proceedings. We use a variety of tactics to decrease the chances that the government will be successful in removing you.

Contact An Experienced Immigration Attorney Today to Learn More

Immigration itself is an extraordinarily complex area of law, and it becomes even more difficult to understand for those with language barriers. By working with a veteran immigration lawyer, you can strengthen your case and present it to the United States government in the best possible light. Call today at (708) 576-4300 for a consultation to discuss your case in detail and to learn more about what your next step should be.

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